Map a new URL to a site in Google Sites


How can you map a custom URL to a Google Site using one of your secondary domains?


  • Google sites
  • Admin console


  1. Create a user under your secondary domain
  2. Once the user is created you need to create the site using that user. If the site was created using a user in your primary domain, share the site with the user in your secondary domain and create a copy of it.
  3. Publish your site and make it available to anyone on the web. Click Publish at the upper right then under Who can view my site click Manage and select Public.
  4. Go to your Admin console > Apps > Google Workspace > Sites > Click on Custom URL tab.
  5. Click Add a new site.
  6. Select New sites or Classic sites depending on where the site is published.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Enter the current URL for the site. The format of the URL depends on how the site was created:
    • Created with new Sites
    • Created with classic Sites and migrated to new Sites
    • Created with classic Sites
  9. Select a verified domain.
    • Note: If you are mapping from new Sites, only the domain hosting the site is available.
  10. Enter a custom URL for the siteand then click Continue.
  11. Click Add Custom URL.
  12. Sign in to your domain host and add the CNAME record provided.
  13. Save the changes and wait for 24 to 48 hours.


The URL to map will be defined by the owner of the site, if the owner is using your primary domain, then the primary domain will be used, so then you have to use a user in your secondary domain to create the site and your secondary domain will be added.