Port-Out a Voice number in Google Workspace.


Want to stop using your Voice Subscription with Google Workspace, but still keep the phone number. 


Admin console through browser when using the Google Voice add-on subscription. 


You can start the request with your future provider and gather information from your Admin console to place the request. 

To get the PIN:

1. Sign in to your Admin console in admin.google.com. 
2. From the left menu click Apps > Google Workspace > Google Voice.
3. In the resulting page click Number porting. 
4. At the top, click Port-out info. 
5. Click Close when you are done. 

Besides the PIN number, they may ask for additional information, in the following sections:
Invoice itemDescription
Bill toThe Business Address specified in the Settings section of your billing account.
Invoice dateThe date the invoice was generated.
Payment termsThe terms specified in your account contract for making payment. Typically net 30.
Billing IDA unique number assigned to the company or individual that the account is registered to. It appears in the Settings section of your billing account.
Account IDThe primary domain name associated with your service account.
Due date (on the right under total amount due)The date that the payment is due. The span of time between the period end date and your due date depends on your payment terms with Google.
Addresses for paymentsThe addresses for customers who pay by wire transfer or check.
SubscriptionThe Google product or service that you’re being billed for.
DescriptionThe associated cost—for example, usage, commitment renewal, and so on.
IntervalThe period of time that the costs were incurred.
QuantityThe number associated with the subscription—for example, 6 licenses, 1 domain registration annual commitment renewal, and so on.
AmountThe actual cost incurred and due.

Porting out Voice Numbers: https://support.google.com/a/answer/9530249

View invoice details (for reference): https://support.google.com/a/answer/1355897


The port out request needs to be started by the new provider, once this information in your invoice is defined and can be provided for them to start the request.