How to Port-Out your Voice number in Google Workspace


You want to stop using your Voice Subscription with Google Workspace, but still keep the phone number. 


  • Admin console
  • Google Voice add-on subscription


You can start the request with your future provider and gather information from your Admin console to place the request. 

To get the PIN:
  1. Sign in to your Admin console.
  2. From the left menu click Apps > Google Workspace > Google Voice.
  3. In the resulting page click Number porting
  4. At the top, click Port-out info
  5. Click Close when you are done. 
Note: Besides the PIN number, you could be asked for additional information, as listed in View invoice details (invoiced account).


The port out request needs to be started by the new provider, once this information in your invoice is defined and can be provided for them to start the request.