Prevent mail to Gmail account blocking or sent to spam


Your account was suspended due to emails considered as spam by the SMTP server.


  • Gmail Spam and Abuse


You must verify if the emails are being sent in the correct structure and format, checking the 3 main areas as described below:
  • Authentication: SPF and DKIM must PASS.
  • Content: Blank emails shouldn't be rejected, if they are, it is a reputation issue, if it is a content issue then it needs to reduce the content until they are safe to go.
  • Reputation: If a blank email gets rejected, it might be a sign of a low sending reputation, this cannot be force to improve, the best way to fix it is to mark every email as "Not spam" from the recipient side.
After checking the core issue, provide a resolution based on the issue. 


His emails were considered spam due to the content, structure or reputation of the emails.