Quarantined emails due to advanced security settings


Emails are not being delivered to their recipients. When searching for the missing email in the Email Log Search (ELS), they show as Quarantined, but there is no quarantine rule in place.


  • Gmail delivery
  • Admin quarantine


Use ELS, email message header, and Gmail Safety settings to confirm a potential quarantine trigger. Use the Email log search to search for the missing emails.
  1. Sign in to the Admin console.
  2. Navigate to Reporting > Email log search.
  3. Enter all information you have about the email and click on Search.
  4. Check if Advanced security settings are set up to Quarantined messages by navigating to Apps > Google Workspace > Gmail > Safety.
  5. Review the email header of a quarantined message to identify which Advanced security settings might have directed the email to quarantine.
  6. Advise the customer to update their Advanced security settings to Keep email in inbox and show warning or to Move email to spam.


Advanced security features work independently of other spam settings you may have previously turned on. For example, if you listed a domain as a safe sender in spam settings, the enhanced security features still apply as decribed in Advanced phishing and malware protection.