Refund for non profit Google Workspace account


How can you request a refund for an account that was upgraded to Google Workspace for Nonprofits free edition, but there are charges for the time the account had been on a paid subscription?


  • Admin console
  • Google Workspace for Non Profits


The upgrade to Google Workspace for Nonprofits is not retroactive, and the free service applies from the moment the Google for Nonprofits team upgrades your account to the free edition of Google Workspace for Nonprofits after you submit the activation request.

Note: If your account was not on a paid edition when you started the application process, but you had to start paying after the trial period while waiting for the application to be processed, please contact Google Workspace support.


The Google Workspace account was already on a paid edition, and then the organization decided to apply to get the Google Workspace for Nonprofits free edition.