Restrict users from sharing outside domain


An admin wants to restrict sharing outside their organization for several users, while continuing to share Drive files outside the domain for a selected group of users in the domain.


  • This scenario focuses on an organization where there is no previous Sub OU or child organizational units have been previously set up and all the users remain part of the top OU.


  1. Create a Sub organizational unit (UO) so you can split your users in two sets. Follow the instructions outlined in this article.
  2. Change the settings on the new OU so it blocks sharing outside your domain. 
    1. Sign in to the Google Admin Console.
    2. Navigate to Apps > Google Workspace > Drive and docs > Sharing Settings > Sharing options.
    3. First select the new OU on the left side-panel.
    4. Change the settings from Sharing outside of your organization, from On, to Off.
    5. Review the option Allow users in your organization to receive files from users outside of your domain, and either leave it on or off as desired.
    6. Click Save, to save your changes.
    7. This article contains all the details about the Google Drive settings in the Admin console that control sharing outside your domain for reference.
  3. Move all the users that should not have access to sharing outside your domain to this new OU. The users that need access to share should be kept on the original (top) OU.
    1. The instructions to move users to another OU are outlined in this help center article



The customer needed the ability to provide outside file sharing to some users, while restricting it for others.