Shared drives storage limit default to 100 GB


Drive storage default for shared drives set to 100 GB EDU accounts without administrators applying the changes.


  • Admin console Storage tooling


The reason for the storage limit being set to 100 GB is because of the update to control storage for all Google Workspace for Education accounts, a default limit of 100 GB is set to all shared drives in the domain if no storage limit has ever been set for the root organizational unit in the domain. This update was announced via email to the super Admin in the account to prevent any disruption in the services.

As it looks like no action was taken, you can advise the super Admin to set up a storage limit higher than 100 GB to the root organizational unit using the storage tooling in your Admin console. This way the shared drives will have a higher storage limit.

If you would like to have the storage limit off, I would recommend to set up a really high limit like 100 TB, this way the users will not notice the limit.


Changes made to the pooled storage policy for EDU accounts.