Unable to create new Screencast in ChromeOS


You are unable to create new Screencasts and when hovering over the New Screencast option. The following error appears:
Connect Google Drive in the settings app.


  • ChromeOS
  • Screencast
  • Google Drive


  1. On your browser go to chrome://os-settings.
  2. Navigate to Advanced Files,
  3. Make sure that the Disconnect Google Drive account setting is turned off.
    • If you are unable to modify this setting, please contact your administrator, as they may have disabled Google Drive syncing intentionally, which can be enabled by following the steps below:
      1. On the Admin Console, go to Devices > Chrome > Settings > User & browser settings page.
      2. Select the organizational unit which the affected users are assigned to.
      3. Locate the Google Drive syncing setting and change it to Enable Google Drive syncing,
      4. Save the changes.


Although by default Google Drive syncing is enabled, the administrator might have disabled. In order to be able to save Screencasts to Google Drive, Google Drive syncing must be enabled and the related Google account must be associated within the app.

The feature is controlled by DriveDisabled policy.