Unable to restore user email address attached to other account (visitor account)


You are unable to recover a recently deleted user attached to other account


  • Google Workspace.
  • Web UI.
  • Visitor account.


To Resolve:
  1. Go to admin.google.com then under users > add new user and create a user with the user name user@Domain 
  2. Change that user name as test.user@Domain. 
    1. From users > click the user's name 
    2. Click on update user, you will be able to change the email address there.
  3. Delete the email alias automatically created. 
    1. From the user profile > user information > click the email address click the "X" > save.
  4. Restore the account User@domain.
    1. From the Admin console, under users > add a filter > recently deleted >
    2. Hover over the user and click on recover.
  5. Delete the user test.user@domain


There is a visitor account created with the same email address that the admin is trying to recover, this can not be found from the admin side.