Unable to sign in the Admin console with a Super Admin account


When you try to sign in the Admin console using the super admin email address, it keeps saying that the password is incorrect.


  • Admin console


Reset the administrator password

  1. Open the Account Recovery tool.
  2. Enter your domain name and click Lookup recovery options.
  3. Select the option I am a super admin and I cannot sign in, enter your admin email address and click Continue.
  4. If you have not tried to recover the account already, it will show Automated recovery attempt required, then click Go to recovery.
  5. Enter your email again and click Next > Try another way.
  6. Depending on your recovery options, you will be presented with an option to send a verification code to a recovery email or phone. 
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the automated account recovery. 

Note: If the issue persists, you will be redirected back to the Account Recovery Tool, asking to verify domain ownership by adding a CNAME or TXT record. Once the verification is completed, you will get the option to submit the recovery request. The dedicated support team will reach you to continue with the recovery process.