Unable to verify secondary domain


When trying to verify the secondary domain, after 72 hours of adding the TXT verification record. You keep getting the following error message:
We're currently unable to verify your domain. You might need to wait longer for your domain host to update your information. If that doesn't happen soon, try verifying again.


  • Admin console
  • Domain Management


First, check if you have used the domain as a domain alias in another Google Workspace account.
  1. Login to the Admin console.
  2. Go to Account > Domains > Manage domains.
  3. Find and click the Remove option beside the domain alias.
Then, log in to the Admin console and add the domain.
  1. Go to Account > Domains > Manage domains.
  2. Click Add a domain.
  3. Type the domain name in the domain name field.
  4. Select Secondary domain.
  5. Click Add domain & Start verification.


The domain is currently being used as a secondary domain or domain alias in another account. The domain was not verified on that account, so it allowed you to add it to your current Google Workspace account.