Unable to verify Shopify domain due redirect


You get an unexpected login page when attempting to verify your domain within Admin console.


  • Admin console


  1. Go to Admin console > Domains > Manage Domains > Verify Domain.
  2. Copy the TXT record, DO NOT log in to Google Domains.
  3. Login to Shopify.
  4. Go to Online stores > Domains.
  5. Click Manage on the Domain name side.
  6. Click Domain settings at the top right.
  7. Click Add Custom record.
  8. Choose TXT.
  9. Enter the TXT verification code from Admin console seen in step 1.
  10. Proceed with verification of the domain name in Admin console once the DNS records are showing or reflecting in the Dig Tool.


Shopify is using the Google Domains Name Servers. Admin console Verification page detects that it is registered in Google Domains instead of Shopify and redirects you to the Google Domains login page.