User Alias appears as Guest after sending a Calendar Invitation to the primary user


For example John Doe is the primary user and his email is, his email alias is a deleted user Jane Doe with an email address

When sending a Calendar invitation to the primary user email (John Doe -, the email alias user (Jane Doe) appears on the Guest List instead of the main user


Google Calendar on the web


Google Calendar has machine learning, if the user who invites John Doe frequently contacted or sent Jane Doe emails and invitations in the past, this might be the cause why when the user tries to reach John Doe, the suggestion would always have "Jane Doe" on the pop up and when the user presses enter, the invitation goes straight to the email alias.

As a workaround, the users on their organization can go to Google Contacts and delete Jane Doe from their contacts list.


The email alias was a previously deleted user and it exists on their organization's Google Contacts