User only suspended after deletion


When you try to delete a user, the user is suspended instead of deleted.


  • Admin console
  • User and Organizational Level Management


If there is no need to transfer data to another user, delete the user without transferring data.
If data needs to be transferred to another user, confirm the recipient user has enough space to receive the data. This can be fixed by either making more space on the receiving account or unsuspending the user and choosing another user with more space to transfer to, such as an empty user.


This happens when you choose to transfer the files upon deletion of a user, but the receiving account doesn't have enough space. When a data transfer to another user happens upon deletion, the deleted user is temporarily suspended to give time for the system to migrate their data. The user is deleted shortly after all the selected data has been transferred. Since the receiving user does not have enough space, the user account will be suspended instead of deleted to prevent data loss.