User unable to reset their password


When users are trying to reset their own password, they are getting an error:
Unable to verify the account.


  • Admin console
  • Users


When resetting the password, users often get an error message that the account can't be verified. The error message is due to the lack of recovery options such as recovery email and phone number. As an Admin, you can reset the user's password through the Admin Console.
  1. Sign in to the Admin Console
  2. Go to Menu > Directory > Users.
  3. Look for the user in question and hover over the user's name.
  4. On the right side, please click Reset Password.
    • By choosing to create an automatic temporary password, you may enter the user's personal email address for them to receive it.
    • If you decide to set a temporary password, you can simply provide it to the user.

Once they are able to log in to their account, they can now go to their account settings to set up a recovery email and phone number. You may refer to the article for more information: Set up a recovery phone number or email address


The account can't be verified when resetting the password due to lack of recovery information.