​​​​​​​Verify your domain with a TXT record


You need to verify your domain with a TXT record and need to know how to add the verification code.


  • Admin console


Step 1 Find your DNS records
  1. Open a new tab and sign in to your registrar's website. This is usually the place where you bought your domain or where you host your web site.
  2. Find the page on your registrar's site where you manage the domains you own. 
  3. Select the domain you're setting up today and look for the place where you manage DNS records.
  4. This page might be called:
  • DNS settings or DNS management
  • Advanced settings
  • Name server management
  • Control panel
Important: If you have trouble finding DNS records, contact your registrar for help.

Step 2 Add your verification code 
  1. Copy your verification code from the setup tool.
  2. Switch to the tab with your registrar's web site and create a new TXT record. 
  3. Enter @ in the Name field. This field might also be called Host, Hostname, or Alias.
  4. Paste the verification code you just copied from the setup tool into the Value field. This field might also be called Data, Answer, or Destination.
  5. Save your new TXT record.
Your verification code will soon be visible to other computers on the internet.

Step 3 Tell Google to verify your code
  1. Return to the browser tab where you have the Google Workspace setup tool open. (You can reopen the tool if you closed it).
  2. On the page where you copied your verification code, scroll to the bottom and click Protect domain.
Important: Some registrars may require additional time to publish your verification code. If the Google Workspace setup tool can't find your new TXT record, wait an hour before you try again.

If you need additional help with your DNS settings, please contact your registrar. They are experts in managing your domain and are eager to help you.