How to enable external users to upload files to a shared folder


How can you allow external non-Google users to upload files to a shared folder.


  • Drive


  1. Open Google Drive.
  2. Click Shared Drives.
  3. Create a new Shared Drive or open an existing one.
  4. Right-click the desired folder.
  5. Select Share.
  6. Enter the desired external non-Google user's email address.
  7. Grant Contributor access and click Share.
  8. The recipient should receive an email with a button to access the folder, by opening it a security PIN will be sent to the respective Inbox. Once access to the folder is granted, it will be possible to upload items to it.
Note: Supported editions for this feature:
  • Business Standard and Business Plus
  • Enterprise
  • Education Fundamentals
  • Education Standard
  • Teaching and Learning Upgrade
  • Education Plus; Nonprofits; G Suite Business; Essentials